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10 products

Anatomical jewelry

You might be wondering what is meant by “anatomical jewelry”? Let me explain it to you! As you have probably already noticed, we at Animus Medicus are passionate about human medicine and especially human anatomy. Our passion is focused on what makes our bodies tick on a physical level. The skeleton, the brain, our nerves - all of this fascinates us from head to toe and motivates us to bring our passion into the world and share it with other enthusiastic medical fans.

In addition to posters , cell phone cases , suture sets and picture frames , which we already sell very successfully, a specially created collection of anatomical jewelry also enriches our range.

This medical jewelry is a successful addition to our other items and rounds off our product range in a very successful way. The medical jewelry optimally expresses our enthusiasm for anatomy and makes not only our eyes but also those of our customers sparkle and shine.

What does our anatomical jewelry collection consist of?

Our current collection of anatomical jewelry consists of a fine selection of necklaces and earrings . This jewelry is so special because it reflects the human anatomy and represents different parts of the human body in a very delicate, elegant and noble way.

The anatomical jewelry consists, for example, of chains in the shape of a human heart , the brain , a neuron , a DNA double helix , the messenger serotonin and an ECG curve . As you can see, when it comes to anatomical jewelry, we not only focused on physical features visible to the eye, but also penetrated into the microscopically deep level. That's exactly what fascinates us about the human body: on the one hand, the brain and the heart - without them, no human life would be possible. The achievements that these two organs alone perform are absolutely astonishing!

On the other hand, all the subtle processes that take place in the body, without which a healthy life would not be possible. Our nervous system and the associated messenger substances – they all form a fascinating interaction in the human body!

The anatomical jewelry from Animus Medicus wants to express this uniqueness , this perfection , this optimal interaction of the human anatomy.

That's why, in addition to the necklaces , we also offer matching earrings that round off the overall picture.

With our range of anatomical jewelry you can choose between the heart, the brain, the neuron and the DNA double helix as the perfect counterpart to your necklace.

Whether it's a necklace or earrings - we always pay attention to the highest quality when it comes to the material used in medical magnetic jewelry. We offer both in stainless steel , which is very popular in the jewelry industry for its material properties. Stainless steel is naturally hypoallergenic and is therefore particularly skin-friendly and comfortable to wear .

When it comes to the colors of the necklaces and earrings, you can choose between silver , an 18-carat gold coating and an 18-carat rose gold coating .

Who is anatomical jewelry suitable for?

The anatomical jewelry from Animus Medicus is deliberately designed so that it can be worn by doctors from almost all medical and specialist groups .

Whether a neurologist, cardiologist, internist or dermatologist - our jewelry is sure to put a smile on the face of every doctor and a sparkle in the eyes.

Our collection is not just “doctor jewelry” or “Dr. Jewelery”, which is aimed exclusively at fully trained, licensed doctors. Also and in particular, all aspiring doctors should feel addressed here, for whom our anatomical jewelry is not only an expression of their own passion for the human body, but perhaps also provides an extra boost of motivation to achieve new top performance in their demanding studies.

Maybe you're one of those people who don't have much contact with the profession of medicine? Then you are still warmly invited to take a look at our selection of anatomical jewelry. Whether for you or for another loved one – we at Animus Medicus are happy to welcome anyone who is interested in human anatomy and would like to express their passion to the outside world.

Human anatomy – what an amazing invention of nature. Fascinating, impressive, sometimes still puzzling but always one thing: beautiful ! At Animus Medicus, we are convinced that our anatomical jewelery presents this beauty and uniqueness in an appropriate way. This symbiosis, this interaction of anatomy and art is the perfect opportunity for us to express our passion, to share it with others and to draw attention to the uniqueness of the human body.

Do you have any questions about our anatomical jewelry or other products or do you need help ordering online? Then don’t hesitate and contact our customer service !