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Top quality brain posters from Animus Medicus

Have you just moved in and are you staring at empty walls? Or have you lived in your home for a while but would like to pimp it up a bit? How about a special kind of poster? We at Animus Medicus offer you fascinatingly beautiful alternatives to the standard posters. Our human anatomy posters provide the "wow" effect.

Are you, like us, always fascinated by how human organs work? The brain in particular is a real marvel. Despite extensive studies, the brain has not yet been fully explored.

This is precisely why the anatomy of the human mind is so fascinating. We offer you brain anatomy posters in an artistic vintage design, which you will surely like.

Brain Poster: What do you think?

Brain posters aren't the only human anatomy images you can find at Animus Medicus. However, we devote a lot of attention to the human brain in a category of its own. Because we think our gray matter deserves to be put in the best light in a beautiful way.

Most people shy away when confronted with images of human organs. Brain posters in particular are sometimes described as “repulsive”, “scary” or even “disgusting”. The brain is hidden, making it difficult for non-medical people to get an idea of ​​it. Unfortunately, most of the time we only come into "contact" with the human brain during one phase of life. Our children and we as a child see/saw brains in some dubious comics or cartoons. If you condition brains together with zombies and other creatures in scary stories so early on, it is not surprising that later a shiver runs down our spines while looking at a brain image.

With the brain images we want to decouple this conditioning. With our brain pictures in a vintage look, we not only deliver a scientifically correct illustration, but also a handsome and artistic masterpiece. The artwork attracts viewers to study the realistic image.

Brain Poster - Learning and Wondering

We believe that learning and being amazed don't have to contradict each other. We keep our brain posters in an artistically appealing vintage look. But even brain posters that look like they were designed a hundred years ago are based on the latest scientific findings. We kept the lettering in Latin, whereby the brain posters are not overloaded with text. First of all, the image should have an effect, not the accompanying text.

With a brain poster from Animus Medicus you can combine amazement and learning. Admire the artistic picture and get to know expressions better at the same time.

A brain poster is also a great idea for the waiting room or treatment room. The artful presentation also breaks down the patient's natural inhibitions. And if you want to explain something to patients using a visual representation, a vintage-style brain poster is a far better visual aid than a sober scientific illustration of the human mind.

Brain Poster: For brain surgeons, neurologists, pathologists - and interested laypersons

What do you actually give a doctor? If you want to give a medical professional something specific, the items from the Animus Medicus Shop are the right choice.

Art prints can be a nice alternative. If you know that it is a neurologist, a pathologist or a brain surgeon, you are definitely right with a brain poster from Animus Medicus.

Incidentally, we not only offer brain posters, but also depict brains and other motifs on stickers , mobile phone cases, anatomy and other products. Feel free to take a look around online with us.

Animus Medicus - A thing with brains

At Animus Medicus we allow ourselves a special look at the human anatomy. Let us give you an insight into human organs, bones and how they work. We would be very happy if we managed to give you a little enthusiasm from us.

You already have quite a large selection when it comes to brain posters. But feel free to look around in the other sections. With us you can browse as you please, regardless of any shop opening times.

By the way, we also offer brain posters in a savings package at a particularly low price. In this way we enable you to purchase a large number of the brain posters at a low price.

Where are our goods made?

Quality does not have to be expensive. We made a conscious decision not to purchase posters and other products from overseas. When purchasing from overseas, we as a company would save costs in the long term, but by purchasing in Germany, regular quality controls are possible, the environment is protected and your waiting time anyway. What you order is on its way to you at short notice.

As you can see, at Animus Medicus we work with brains. Let yourself be inspired too. If you have any doubts, you are welcome to let our reviews convince you. We look forward to you.