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Tooth Poster by Animus Medicus - Quality and Beauty

The main task of the teeth is, of course, to crush the food. In addition, teeth z. B. when smiling, express our emotions. Speaking of “expressing” – teeth also enable us to express ourselves properly. After all, it is only through teeth that we are able to correctly pronounce certain sounds, such as most S-sounds. You have certainly caught yourself misusing your teeth as a third hand for the last shopping bag or biting open a package that is difficult to open with your teeth almost reflexively. We don't know whether our inner instincts come through in such moments. But one thing is certain; the teeth are among the most important tools that nature has given us.

Our dental posters and temporomandibular joint anatomy posters show the human chewing apparatus in a beautiful way.

Tooth poster of Animus Medicus: decoration with a bite

Would you like a beautiful decoration with a museum character? Dental posters from Animus Medicus are a beautiful solution for empty walls in your home, in your doctor's office or at your loved ones. Interested laypeople quickly become enthusiastic about the tooth posters with their extraordinary vintage look. We deliberately opted for a look that gives the pictures an almost historical aura. However, these are images that correspond to the current state of science. Just like our other products, you can order dental posters quickly and easily in the shop . Our online shop is available to you around the clock. We usually deliver the products you have selected and ordered within 3 – 5 working days. You pay shipping costs depending on the type and scope of the products you have ordered. Tooth posters with a matching aluminum picture frame logically cost more to ship than a single cell phone case Anatomy . From a purchase value of 75 euros, we ship the goods within Germany, Austria and Switzerland free of charge. To pay, you have the choice between prepayment, payment via PayPal or Amazon Pay or credit card payment.

Four in one go - all important dental posters in one collection

Are you a dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon, maybe even with your own practice? Then you shouldn't miss the Dentist Chalkboard Collection . We developed all of the images in the collection together with experienced dentists to precisely meet the needs of medical professionals. The result was artistic and scientific dental posters that also make the hearts of the patients beat faster. You can use the dental posters to explain a lot about the anatomy of the human jaw and teeth to your patients. This makes it quick and easy to understand how the human chewing apparatus works and what the otherwise invisible part of the teeth is like. Since the dental posters simply look really good, they also fascinate your patients.

  • TMJ Anatomy Pictures: The jaw is an amazing tool, and not just for crushing food. This tooth poster shows the exact structure of the jawbone.
  • The jaw muscles: The human jaw muscles achieve amazing things. Although the muscles located here are not among the largest, they are still among the strongest muscles in the body.
  • Tooth Innervation: Teeth are as hard as stone, but not dead matter. You will know that at the latest when you feel a toothache yourself. This tooth poster shows where the nerves run in the area of ​​the jaw and teeth. This makes it easy to understand how toothache actually occurs. Your patients will surely be interested in this too.
  • Overview of the teeth : This tooth poster shows the teeth in all their beauty. Probably most of your patients have never looked at their own teeth in this way before. You will be amazed at how fascinated people will be in front of this tooth poster.

Dental posters don't just make things easier for patients

Are you studying dentistry? Do you memorize the different types, details of the teeth and the anatomy of the oral cavity from boring books and 3D models? Our tooth poster is a supplement to the classic learning methods. The vintage charm and the minimalistic type of lettering means that the visual representations can have a particularly good effect on you. When it comes to labeling, we keep it short, concise and in Latin. You can also deepen your knowledge of Latin with Zahn posters. Even as a doctor who has been practicing for many years, you can enjoy the tooth poster and let it affect you again and again.

Other offers from Animus Medicus

We love human anatomy and are therefore convinced that artistic representations of human organs do not give them the status they deserve. That's why we decided to depict the brain, chewing apparatus, heart, lungs or kidneys in a great vintage look. In this way, the images appear almost museum-like and are extremely fascinating. Just browse through our shop and discover not only tooth posters, but also other pictures, anatomy stickers , cell phone cases anatomy or our surgical suture set. Incidentally, our products do not have to travel halfway around the world before they reach you. We ourselves are at home in beautiful Bavaria. We simply save ourselves unnecessarily long transport routes. This will save you a long wait.

Animus Medicus strives for the optimum

Do you have cause for complaint? Would you like to contribute your own ideas on the topic of dental posters, do you have praise, constructive criticism or suggestions for us? Then do not hesitate to contact us with the Help Center . We are happy to be there for you and look forward to making Animus Medicus better together. Maybe we can also welcome you to Instagram Animus Medicus ? A community of doctors, artists and other interested people has formed around our channel there. Here we support each other and have fun with the new anatomy quiz every day. Surely that's something for you too, isn't it? See you!