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Skeleton poster of Animus Medicus

Posters are available in all sizes, shapes, colors and motifs. Some prefer images of landscapes or architecture, while others swear by abstract works of art.

We, on the other hand, believe that nothing can be more fascinating than human anatomy. We are aware that human anatomy has nothing to do with art in the eyes of most people. Anatomy skeleton posters can be displayed in a way that is as fascinating as it is educational.

When illustrating our prints, we didn't go to extremes, but skilfully walk the middle ground. Although we attach great importance to attention to detail, our artistic standards are on the same level. Vintage style skeleton posters will show you the natural beauty of the human body.

Skeleton Posters - more than just educational material

You know, of course, that anatomy is the basis of human existence. Actually, one should value one's own body more for its services. With a poster, we remind people every day of the miracle they carry within themselves - or the miracle of their own self.
When it came to vintage skeleton posters, we opted for an almost classic way of displaying them. Nevertheless, all shown details of the skeleton poster are based on the latest findings of research and science. What looks like it was sketched a hundred years ago is therefore up to date in terms of content. This also applies to the lettering, of course. We deliberately let them fade into the background so as not to impair the effect of the picture.
You can use the Latin inscriptions to keep or refresh your subject-specific language skills. The artful representation on the skeleton poster also significantly lowers the inhibition threshold of the viewer. In this way, you have full attention when you explain the human anatomy to your patient, especially in connection with the diagnosis you have made.

This is how you learn the most about human anatomy

A book, a haptic 3D model or a computer give you the opportunity to learn about skeletons. Unfortunately, all of these media are often so overloaded with information and labels that you are distracted from the actual learning process. That will not happen to you with our posters. Our labels focus on the essentials and encourage further study of the skeleton. You will not experience sensory overload with subsequent sensory aversion with our posters. Each of our posters should encourage you, your friends, colleagues and / or patients to let the human anatomy work and perceive it more intensively. Skeleton posters are far more than just boring visuals.

Do you need a gift idea for a doctor?

The best gift idea is one that perfectly suits the person receiving the gift. So what do you give doctors, pathologists, pharmacologists, medical students or people interested in human anatomy?
Skeleton posters from the Animus Medicus Shop are a great idea for all of these audiences. Again and again we get feedback from people who received one of our skeleton posters as a gift and are enthusiastic.
By the way, not only from young professionals. Doctors who have been practicing for years also enjoy a skeleton poster. A skeleton poster reminds you of your job and your calling in an artistic and beautiful way. Therefore, the posters not only hang in waiting rooms and treatment rooms, but also in many living rooms.
By the way, the skeleton posters are only part of our large offer. At the same time, we offer a range of high-quality gift ideas, from mobile phone cases and stickers to very detailed surgical suture sets . And so that we can be sure that all products are of the highest quality, we consistently rely on "Made in Germany". We particularly like to have our products produced in our home country of Bavaria.

Who is the Animus Medicus?

Skeleton Posters show the details of the human anatomy openly. This transparency also applies to our corporate philosophy.
So who is the Animus Medicus? My name is Wichard Lüdje. I'm currently a medical student - and the founder of Animus Medicus.
I've been fascinated by human anatomy all my life. When I injured myself as a child, I was repeatedly confronted by doctors and physiotherapists with the usual, almost frightening anatomical pictures. Of course I could understand what was shown to me. However, such a skeleton poster remained strange to me.
I now know that there is a better way. Skeleton posters with a vintage look are artful enough to appeal to the inquisitive eye of the beholder. At the same time, they convey all the facts that were also of essential importance to me at the time. Today they are an essential part of my studies.
I am happy if I can also inspire you with an artistic skeleton poster. You can also contact me at any time for ideas, suggestions, tips, praise and criticism. This is the only way we can further develop Animus Medicus in the interests of customers and interested parties.

Why you should visit Animus Medicus on Instagram

One small final note: We now also have a great Instagram channel Animus Medicus by Animus Medicus. A community consisting of exciting people has formed around this. Friends of the Animus Medicus, anatomy enthusiasts, physicians, artists and others cavort here. Incidentally, the exchange goes far beyond skeleton posters. We chat and talk shop, support each other with technical questions and test our knowledge in the daily anatomy quiz.