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Medicine earrings

The medicine earrings from Animus Medicus are a very special highlight in our range alongside the necklaces.

They can be combined particularly well with the medicine chains and thus form the perfect ensemble for a successful appearance. Our high-quality jewelry range contains many different motifs that will make every doctor's heart beat faster.

We specialize in anatomy pictures and many other decorative elements and live for human anatomy. We would like to express this with our unique anatomical pieces of jewelry. The different versions of our jewelry are designed in such a way that they look amazingly similar to the human originals. If you are also interested in anatomical jewelry, then read on and find out more about our medical earrings as this article continues.

Who do the medicine earrings suit?

The medicine earrings in our collection suit anyone with a special affinity for human anatomy. This applies equally to doctors and medical students. For example, our unique medicine earrings can be given as a wonderful gift to special people who appreciate fine jewelry and who have a very special penchant for human anatomy. With our motifs from anatomy, which have been worked out with great attention to detail, you can give other people a wonderful pleasure.

Whether for completing your studies or entering retirement - the medicine earrings are timeless and always the perfect gift.

Of course, such extraordinary jewelry cannot come in an ordinary box. This is exactly why we have designed a beautiful, high-quality jewelry box to complement the elegant contents, which now also perfectly and elegantly packs the medicine earrings.

But the medicine earrings are not only a successful idea as a gift for others. Of course, you can also make yourself happy by gifting it to yourself. The medicine earrings can be a brilliant way to motivate you to persevere in your studies. At Animus Medicus, we know that there are phases in which this can be very helpful.

Do you know someone who doesn't have much contact with human medicine and human anatomy, but who might still like our earrings? Of course, our unusual collection is also aimed at these people and they are also welcome to enjoy our range of jewelry.

What different medicine earrings are there?

Our range of medical earrings contains various designs that are specifically and very detailed based on the human anatomy.

On the one hand, we offer the human heart as an earring, which is a very special highlight thanks to its delicate contours and precise workmanship. The human heart, without which life would not be possible, was a very special concern for us when creating our collection - in the truest sense of the word.

The range of medicine earrings also includes more motifs. The other models are just as elegant and of high quality and impress with their special features. A neuron, the DNA double helix and the human brain are other earrings that are very popular. All earrings have a length of 2.5 cm.

Human anatomy doesn't have to be dry and boring! The fascination and beauty of the human body paired with art can create something extraordinary. Our selection of medicine earrings expresses just that in a very elegant way.

Tip: You can wear our medical socks stylishly for any occasion - whether with your heart, lungs or teeth.

What material are the medicine earrings made of?

All our medical ear studs are made of high quality stainless steel. It is particularly popular in the jewelry industry because, due to its material properties, it hardly causes allergies, is therefore particularly skin-friendly and of course also feels comfortable to wear. For this reason, stainless steel is often referred to as medical steel.

Do you think stainless steel and medical steel sound unelegant, monotonous and dry? Let us convince you that our medical earrings, nickel-free and made of steel, are anything but.

All jewelry in our collection is available in three colors. Just like the necklaces , we also offer the medicine earrings in silver with an 18 carat gold coating and an 18 carat rose gold coating.

Medical earrings in gold – what more could you want?! As you can see, our selection of medicine earrings is very exquisite and leaves hardly anything to be desired. You are sure to find the earrings that are right for you.

What jewelry can the medicine earrings be combined with?

The great thing about our collection is that different pieces of jewelry can be perfectly combined with each other. They are not only a real eye-catcher on their own, but also unfold their very own, special radiance when they are combined with the right pendant. That's why we also offer matching necklaces for all medicine earrings, which can of course also be given as a gift in a double pack.

Whether it's the heart, the neuron, the DNA double helix or the brain - you can buy them all from us not only as medical ear studs, but also as necklaces.

If you feel like a little more variety, you are of course free to combine our jewelry with each other in a completely flexible way. Would you like the heart for the medical earrings and the DNA double helix as a necklace? Nothing easier than that! Feel completely free here and choose the combination that suits you best.